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Among Transfero Swiss’s investment products, the TSAG Libra Top 10 was the highlight of November, according to Transfero Report. The managed portfolio yielded 37.75% (in Reais) in the month. In bitcoin, the yield was 1.16%, exceeding the performance of the leading cryptocurrency. The portfolio is formed by the top ten cryptocurrencies, distributed equally in the wallet, and rebalanced periodically.

Another highlight was the TSAG Advanced Fund, with 36.95% of earnings (in dollars) in the last month. The Advanced fund uses statistical analysis and quantitative strategies to surmount the digital asset market in dollars. The fund is based in the Bahamas, a jurisdiction chosen because it has a regulation for the subject. Brazilian law allows only cryptocurrency funds. 

The TSAG Counter Cyclical Fund yielded 4.08% in November (in dollars) and accumulated a yield of 24.58% for the year. The fund is a wallet formed by gold and bitcoin and aims to be a store of value against economic and inflationary pressures. While the TSAG Conservative Fund, also in dollars, yielded 0.91% in the month and 13.87% in the year. The fund seeks profitability through the price asymmetries of digital assets between different exchanges.

According to Carlos Russo, CFO of Transfero, the company’s three funds “had positive results in November mainly because of the performance of cryptoassets”. 

 “The result of the year will be very positive in the three funds, reflecting the exceptional year of the cryptocurrency asset class. Bitcoin, for example, opened the year at US$ 6 thousand and is closing the year close to US$ 20 thousand. December has so much potential to be a record month”, he said.

In the list of managed wallets, there is also TSAG Advanced, whose gains in November were 27.07% (in Reais) or -6.69% (in bitcoin); and the TSAG Counter Cyclical, which recorded -3.41% in November (in Reais), but with a 65.12% accumulation in the year. While TSAG Conservative, also denominated in the Brazilian currency, gained 1.26% in November and 25.55% in the year.

Bitcoin up 31.54% in November

In November 2020, the price of bitcoin in Reais rose 31.54%, according to The leading cryptocurrency has had a record time in its market capitalization. Besides, it approached its all-time high. In turn, the SRM, the Serum network’s governance token, was valued at 8.79% against the dollar. In December, it already accumulates a high of 12.49%.

The Serum network is a creation of FTX and runs on the Solana network, an alternative to Ethereum. With the success of DeFi (decentralized finance) projects mostly in Ethereum, the network has been experiencing slowdowns and higher operating costs.

Not so famous, Ziliqa stands out in early December 2020 as one of the highest-earning tokens in seven days, accumulating a high of 19.27%, according to CoinMarketCap. In November, the utility token price against the dollar skyrocketed 65.54%.