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The yield on Transfero Swiss’s investment products surpassed the Ibovespa in 2020 — except for bitcoin results. In two cases, the gains in Reais in the year exceeded 200%. Meanwhile, the Brazilian stock index, B3, accumulated a mere 2.92% in the year.

Among the managed wallets, the TSAG Libra Top 10 closed the year up 255.01% in Reais and with a loss of 27.28% in bitcoins. The Libra portfolio consists of the top ten cryptocurrencies, distributed equally in the wallet and rebalanced periodically. On the other hand, TSAG Advanced yielded 215.24% in the Brazilian currency throughout 2020. But lost 35.24% in bitcoins

Denominated in Reais, the TSAG Conservative wallet closed the year with a yield of 27.23%. Also in Brazilian currency, TSAG Counter Cyclical accumulated gains of 82.89% in 2020.


Transfero products in dollars outperform U.S. currency in 2020

The TSAG Advanced Fund – a dollar-denominated fund – ended 2020, up 135.96%. This fund uses statistical analysis and quantitative strategies to overcome the digital asset market in dollars.

Another dollar fund, the TSAG Counter Cyclical Fund accumulated gains of 41.85% in 2020. At the same time, the TSAG Conservative Fund gained 15.31% year-to-date (USD).

The U.S. currency ended 2020 with a 29% increase against the Real. In turn, the bitcoin accumulated a high of 303%, according to, ending the year at US$ 28,949.

The year that ended was quite positive for the bitcoin. In 2020, the leading cryptocurrency renewed its market cap record in November. And it seems that the strong appreciation sharpened people’s curiosity because there was another record, but this time in Google searches for the term “bitcoin”.