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After two months of using bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender, El Salvador is preparing to welcome thousands of investors and enthusiasts to LaBitConf 2021.

According to the event’s schedule, the ninth edition of LaBitConf begins on Monday (15) with a Hackathon involving programmers in a challenge that can be worth up to US$ 5,000.

Sponsored by Transfero, in total, the event will last six days and will close on November 20th. Until then, more than 40 sessions are expected to take place during LaBitConf 2021 in El Salvador, with more than 150 experts.

Considered one of the largest gatherings on cryptoassets in Latin America, El Salvador was chosen to host the event after the country declared bitcoin as legal tender.

El Salvador was the first country – and the only one so far – to declare bitcoin as legal tender. As a result, the Salvadoran population has used the cryptoasset for shopping and paying for services in the last two months.

According to the event organizer, Rodolfo Andragnes, LaBitConf 2021 intends to present the various applications for bitcoin and blockchain technology. In an interview with iProUp, Andragnes talks about an education program for cryptoassets.

“We hope to present the potential, the advantages in transparency, reliability, time and cost-efficiency. This technology is disruptive and applies to all sectors, so we have created a program to educate participants to prepare for market trends”.

Transfero will be one of the sponsors of the most significant event on cryptoasset in Latin America. For Transfero’s director of products and partnerships, Safiri Felix, LaBitConf 2021 is a great opportunity for Transfero to present its new platform to the crypto market.

“LaBitConf is a traditional community event and an opportunity to strengthen relationships with the ecosystem”.

With face-to-face and online activities, LaBitConf 2021 lectures will be broadcast over the Internet. Interested parties can register for the sessions on the official website of LaBitConf 2021.