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The metaverse has become a trend topic that has dominated the internet, right after Facebook announced its name change to Meta. To diversify the social network’s positioning in front of its users, Mark Zuckerberg is developing a metaverse that should transform Facebook’s digital experience into an immersive universe.

The tokens linked to the metaverse concept have surfed this hype wave, and their market value has skyrocketed in recent weeks.

In addition to increased prices, some of these projects may represent the future of the metaverse integrated into the crypto market.

In an article in Cointelegraph, the analyst team at Transfero pointed out nine crypto assets linked to the metaverse that could be big bets for the future.

Projects such as Decentraland, Ilivium, Radio Caca, Star Atlas, Realm, Mobox, Bloktopia, Sandbox, and Enjin Coin were highlighted as cryptos that can engage a strong appreciation path.

The list includes everything from more mature cryptoassets on the market, such as Decentraland (MANA), to projects that have recently launched, such as Star Atlas (ATLAS) or The Sandbox (SAND).

In the last twelve months alone, The Sandbox has faced a market valuation of more than 6,000%, Cointelegraph highlights. Meanwhile, Decentraland saw a valuation of over 30 percent, on the same day, Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s name change to Meta.

Although the Facebook metaverse is still under development, these tokens already represent metaverses, and online game projects that use blockchain technology.

In addition to Transfero’s analyst team, other experts interviewed for the Cointelegraph article point out that games known as play to earn have great potential in the crypto market, as is the success of Axie Infinity (AXIE), for example.