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Transfero will participate in the Porto Maravalley project, a hub for startups and technology companies in the Rio port area. Company representatives were present on Wednesday (2/6) at the formalization ceremony of the partnership between Invest.Rio – Rio’s investment promotion agency – and the Institute of Applied Mathematics (Impa), the first step toward the project’s implementation.

The signing of the agreement between Impa and Investi.Rio is set in the context of Rio’s transformation into an innovation hub. And Transfero approaches this movement to use its international business connections to help the city of Rio become a hub of innovation in the area of crypto assets and blockchain.

“For us, it is crucial to connect with the public administration in any project that fosters innovation in the crypto asset sector. This is our DNA, that of a company that was born in Crypto Valley, a region of Switzerland known for being home to hundreds of blockchain initiatives and that are leading the development of this market”, says Transfero’s Chief Business Development Officer, Claudio Just, who attended the signing ceremony.

Porto Maravilha[/caption]

Besides Transfero, representatives of Impa and the companies helping to make the project a reality, among them Americanas, Rede D’Or São Luiz, Dasa, ArpexCapital, Afya, BRAVA Foundation, Visagio, and Mattos Filho, participated in the event.

Mayor Eduardo Paes was also present, as was a former secretary and one of the project’s mentors, Chicão Bulhões. Invest.Rio president Rodrigo Stallone, Secretary of Economic Development, Innovation and Simplification Thiago Ramos Dias, and CDURP president Gustavo Guerrante also attended.

Maravalley Connection with Transfero Academy

According to Just, the idea is to connect the Transfero Academy program, which trains new talents in the technology market, especially in the digital assets sector, to Maravalley. “We are taking the Transfero Academy to Porto Maravilha, where Maravalley will be located, increasing the synergy of this important educational program with the Rio de Janeiro initiative”,  he says.

Maravalley will be a hub of technological innovation located in the revitalized Port Zone of Rio. It will rely on the direct participation of Impa for the training of skilled professionals in the area of exact sciences. The project of Rio’s City Government will be financed in partnership with private companies to transform the region into a Silicon Valley and turn the city into a capital of innovation and technology.