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The Crypto Valley Festival 2020 will bring together representatives of companies from different areas to discuss the crypto world on October 21 and 22. The CEO of Transfero Swiss AG, Thiago Cesar, is among the participants of the Crypto Valley Festival.

In his lecture, on the first day of the Crypto Valley Festival, the CEO of Transfero will address topics such as cross-border banking transactions.

However, not all participating companies operate directly with cryptocurrencies. Also on the first day, representatives of the consulting and auditing firms KPMG and Deloitte will participate in discussions. On the second day, one of the participating companies will be the consulting firm Ernst & Young.

With activities from 9am to 5pm, the event will have lectures and areas reserved for chat sessions between the participants. In addition, there will be spaces for discussions with the speakers.

Impacts and possible uses of technologies are the theme at the Crypto Valley Festival

The themes, however, go far beyond the mere functioning of the crypto market and an analysis of the most promising products. Speakers will talk, for example, about the social and macroeconomic impacts of DeFi, the decentralized finance.

On the other hand, in another panel the focus of the discussion migrates to the team management. The theme will be the challenge of time and stress management. In addition, a third panel will address blockchain applications to the healthcare industry.

Payment with cryptocurrency

Those interested in attending the event need to secure their tickets. It is possible to buy for just one day or a promotional package for the entire event. Each day costs € 69 (just over R$ 451).

There are two types of promotional package for the entire event: in one of them, limited to 1,000 tickets, the ticket for the two days of the conference costs € 89 (about R $ 582). When this ends, the double tickets will cost € 130 (approximately R$ 850). Those who choose the complete package can also download the event files

As this is an event related to the crypto universe, it is possible to opt for payment in ethereum and bitcoin. But in this case, it is necessary to contact the organization of the event.

The full lectures schedule is available on the Crypto Valley Festival website.