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Like the price of bitcoin, the crypto market experienced a major expansion in 2021. With the arrival of cryptoassets on the Brazilian stock exchange through ETFs and the growth of institutional investments in the sector last year, the total market capitalization surpassed US$ 3 trillion.

Since then, the sector has consolidated with influential personalities conducting business in the area, and this recognition was presented by the recently Cointelegraph Brazil in a list of big names in the crypto market for 2022.

As the ranking points out, Transfero CEO Thiago César is among the ten most relevant names in the crypto market. Therefore, Thiago César figures as one of the most important personalities of the sector in Brazil alongside big names. Check it out:

  • Reinaldo Rabelo – Mercado Bitcoin
  • Marcelo Sampaio — Hashdex
  • Daniel Coquieri — Liqi
  • Roberto Campos Neto —Central Bank of Brazil
  • Fernando Ulrich — Liberta Investments
  • Primo Rico — Rico
  • Fernando Carvalho — QR Capital
  • Thiago César — ​​Transfero
  • Edilson Osório — OriginalMy
  • Luis Adaime — MOSS

The performance of Transfero’s platform in Brazil is cited in the ranking presented by the site, and the text talks about BRZ Token (BRZ), the largest token backed by the Brazilian real in the market and that moved US$ 1.5 billion in 2021.

Created in 2019 by Transfero, in 2021, BRZ Token (BRZ) expanded its offering to international platforms, allowing the integration of the Brazilian real into the crypto market through a stablecoin.

One hundred names make up the list of major industry personalities presented by Cointelegraph Brazil. According to the site, names like Transfero’s CEO are expected to make a difference in 2022 for the crypto market.