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Brazil has some interesting numbers in the financial market. At the same time that there are 40 million unbanked in Brazil, there are more smartphones than people in the country, 220 million. And that can help solve this equation.

The big challenge is how to put these people within the financial system. And crypto companies are looking into it. The evaluation is from the Director of Risks of Uzzo, Rodrigo Nunes, who participated on Tuesday (29) of FuturePayment, vertical event of FutureCom 2019, in São Paulo.

In the executive’s assessment, the cryptocurrencies will unlock when the traditional environment is walking side by side with crypto. And it is necessary to look both at the crypto and traditional unbanked people.

QR Code should help unbanked people in Brazil

The new payment arrangement of the Brazilian Central Bank, in 2013, was already a first step in this direction. From this point, the digital accounts that are becoming increasingly popular. The challenge is to bring cryptocurrencies into this bank account system.

QR Code technology must be a great ally in this sense. It is seen as the next big trend of payments. “Cryptocurrencies got to have the ability to do the midfield so customers can use them as a means of payment”, he said.

ABCcripto director Natalia Garcia, also present at the event, goes in the same direction. “40% of people only use cash. What if they migrate to the digital world?”, she wondered.