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The Walmart retail chain has started a partnership with CoinMe, which is offering the sale of bitcoins in more than 200 stores through a network of ATMs.

According to the launch of the pilot project, up to 8,000 Walmart stores may receive the installation of bitcoin ATMs in the future. With around 25,000 cryptoasset trading devices scattered in stores across the United States, the world’s largest retailer could become a major bitcoin trading hub in American commerce.

Coinstar alone, for example, has 4,400 locations for bitcoin sales across the United States. The process of selling the cryptoasset works simply, where the user inserts the cash through a banknote slot in the ATM.

After following all the steps for buying bitcoin, the user receives a paper voucher containing a redemption code to get the balance in cryptoasset through a wallet in the Coinme app. In total, the ATMs installed at Walmart will charge an 11% fee, including the network fee, to transfer the digital currency to the user’s wallet.