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During Febraban Tech 2022, an event directed to the financial market, several themes of the crypto universe were discussed. Besides debates about the digital Real and blockchain technology, the metaverse, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and Web3 were also highlighted in the lecture program.

After all, according to Gil Giardelli, a scholar of innovation and digital economy, this market should move about US$ 1 trillion per year soon – and financial institutions are keeping an eye on it.

“The metaverse is just one end of Web3, which will not have a single owner; it’s totally decentralized. It is the power that comes out of the big techs and goes back to the hands of the people”, said Giardelli, in his presentation at the event.

The financial market gets ready for the new economy

The subject was also discussed in another panel, at the closing of Febraban Tech, with the participation of the head of Innovation at Bradesco, Fernando Freitas, the director of Crypto Strategy in the fintech consulting 11:FS, Maurício Magaldi, and the project director of Lightfarm Studios, Uno de Oliveira.

The experts explained the opportunities and culture shifts created by NFTs and the opportunities of the metaverse.

“It was truly a disruptive moment when I understood that, with my art, I could create NFTs and trade in crypto, even reaching a huge community that I didn’t have access to, on international platforms”, said Uno de Oliveira.

Freitas from Bradesco recognized this potential but warned that Web3 might require a new type of infrastructure. “The NFT world already has its financial services in the crypto universe and doesn’t necessarily need the banking institutions. But we are converging very quickly to Web3”, he said.

“We need to understand if banks will want to come in and popularize NFT in the same way that QRCode became popular with the use of Pix”, added Freitas.

For Magaldi, the crypto universe does not need banks. “But, on the contrary, banks can be interested in the opportunities created by the new economy, offering, for example, custody and crypto-to-fiat conversion services”, he said.