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This month, the international webinar Bringing FX Into the 21st Century discusses how the adoption of stablecoins backed by national currencies can revolutionize the way currency is traded between countries. The exchange Nexus Trading is the organizer of the event. The event will be attended by the CEO of Transfero, Thiago Cesar; BiLira COO, Vidal Arditi; and Ian McAfee, CEO of Shift Market and Nexus Trading.

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies backed by some asset, which can be, for example, a national currency, as in the case of BRZ. Transfero’s stablecoin is the first to be backed in reais and has been established as the country’s most traded Brazilian stablecoin.

The webinar about stablecoins takes place on January 26, at noon GMT, broadcast by Zoom. To participate, simply register for free at this link.


Webinar participants are part of the Stablecoin Alliance

Both Transfero and BiLira are part of the Stablecoin Alliance, an initiative that emerged in 2020 to promote the adoption of this type of currency. Besides, the group also wants to advocate higher levels of security and compliance. EURS (Europe), Rupiah Token (Indonesia), and Stablecorp (Canada) are the other founding members of the alliance.

And the Stablecoin Alliance has already received recognition in the market. The group joined Cointelegraph’s list of the most important events in the cryptocurrency market in 2020.

The stablecoins are increasingly on the agenda not only of the financial market but also among the authorities. While in Europe, there is still some resistance, the United States has already begun to allow its banks to do operations with this type of cryptocurrency.

Bringing FX Into the 21st Century

Date: January 26

 Time: 12:00 PM GMT, broadcast by Zoom

 Register here.