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Cryptocurrencies need women. Much is known about the growth potential of this market, but one thing is a fact: it can go through great difficulties without the participation of the female public. Currently, the sector is occupied by 91.22% of men and only 8.78% of women. And why is their presence fundamental to cryptocurrency growth?

Cryptocurrencies need women’s communication skills

Communication is fundamental to the success of any company, and women generally excel in this area. They have strengths in reading body language, in listening skills and showing empathy. In addition, women generally have an advantage in collaborative environments, where these attributes are most valued.

Companies need people on their team to effectively transmit messages and concepts to other team members and the public. If a company has an amazing product but cannot market it to the public, it will not succeed.

Another point is that the cryptocurrencies can be a complex subject if they are not well explained. With their natural ability to deal with words and information, women have the power to change that.

Women have the skills to promote a community

Community is a central concept in cryptocurrency environment, especially when companies start or are in the stages of an ICO. The ICOs start when a group decides to start a cryptocurrency business and develop a product or service in an environment, selling currencies or tokens to raise funds for specific projects.

These currencies or tokens are issued to serve as a role in the proposed project. Without the community, cryptocurrency companies have no supporters. And that’s bad, because supporters provide financial support, helping projects move from an idea into reality.

The best known cryptocurrency, of course, is the bitcoin. And one of the main reasons for bitcoin’s success is due to the community of people who believe in it and its technology. Without this community, the bitcoin would disappear and its revolutionary technology would be forgotten and lost. Women build and manage communities easily.

Encrypted digital assets can benefit from women’s talent on social media

Women are known to use communication and the community to make an impact, especially on social media. Bridget Brennan, wrote in an article titled “When it comes to marketing, women are the original social network”, that it is common for women to discuss online the products and services they buy.

“When it comes to marketing, women are the original social network”

She also said that emotions inspire actions and that these actions impact industries. The main point is: women are effective in discussing and emotion because they have an innate natural focus on connection and relationships, which, according to Brennan, leads to growing communities and industries.

Women are already occupying spaces in the sector

For Maria Prusakova, co-founder of Crypto PR Lab, the success of women leaders in cryptocurrencies is more than worthy of celebration. “As a cohesive unit, the cryptocurrency community should continue to work to raise awareness of the achievements of founding women. From television interviews to print editorials, becoming a startup mentor, there are countless opportunities for the crypto community to give more visibility to these women and create a more inclusive environment for everyone”.

Prusakova’s argument is that sustained growth in exposure will create a steering wheel effect that will motivate more women to explore blockchain technology, work in the industry and be recognized for their achievements, while perpetuating excellent results in the coming years”.

Without women, there is no balance in the crypto world

Just as in anything else, the equated participation between men and women is always more effective. And this is the main argument to attract the female audience to the crypto market. The presence of more women in the sector will balance the gender ratio we need, giving the industry the best of both worlds: the talents of men and women, in the same way – and equal.