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Wikipedia becomes able to accept donations with bitcoin and bitcoin cash through Bitpay. The largest online encyclopedia in the world was able to receive donations with bitcoin through Coinbase since 2014. However, the company has now adopted the services of one of the most popular cryptocurrency payment service providers. Bitpay performed impressively in 2018, processing more than a billion payments.

According to Pats Pena, Director of Payments and operations of the Wikimedia Foundation, donors have shown an interest in having more cryptocurrency options to make donations. Therefore, have a great possibility that soon other popular cryptocurrencies will join to the catalogue of payment methods. The ideological profile of Wikipedia has a strong resemblance to the profile of crypto maniac enthusiasts.

Cryptocurrencies consist of one of the cheapest forms of money transfer, especially when it comes to international transfers. Crypto transactions suffer a low incidence of fees and the final beneficiary can receive more resources. Hence, cryptocurrencies have attracted the attention of non-profit organizations such as Wikipedia.

Cryptocurrencies to payments and donations

The vision of cryptocurrencies as a payment method has grown recently. Even large corporations such as American Express have been keen to use technology in payment systems. Together with Santander and Ripple, the company has been developing Amex, an international payment system. However, the technology still needs to evolve to match the scalability of today’s payment systems.

The portal reported the adoption of bitcoin cash by Wikipedia at last January 30.