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In addition to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), since 2020, play-to-earn games developed through blockchain technology have gone viral in the crypto market. For many players, the extra income offered in cryptoassets can serve as a reason to quit their jobs.

According to a survey recently conducted by Balthazar, one in three gamers would trade their current job for activities involving play-to-earn games.

The gaming company interviewed more than 1.100 people between February 7 and March 15, 2022. The report points out that the average salary of users is US$ 316, and for most of them, play-to-earn games represent extra income.

In total, 59% of respondents stated that they intend to keep the activity only as a way to earn extra income through cryptoassets. However, 65% of respondents say they would exchange their work for games with rewards.

In this case, a large portion of respondents points to US$ 42 as the average daily price they need to earn to quit their job. Meanwhile, 55% of this group of users stated that it takes anywhere from US$ 1 to US$ 20 a day for them to exchange their jobs for play-to-earn games.

Most of the respondents are students and said they do not have a formal job, accounting for 69% of the survey participants. Moreover, 52% of them said they use their crypto-income to pay essential bills, such as living expenses and other expenses.

The income earned from this type of game favors several people who belong to the players’ family group. About 63% of the respondents concluded that the rewards in cryptoassets are turned into financial help for at least one person.