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The cryptocurrency market is highly dynamic, requiring visionary and experienced leaders in such a competitive sector. To continue growing, Transfero has appointed Marlyson Silva, the company’s co-founder, as the new CEO, replacing Thiago Cesar, who stepped down at the end of September—leaving behind an important legacy of growth.

In an interview with PanoramaCrypto, Marlyson shared his experiences in the market, his expectations for this new phase of Transfero—which has just been authorized by the Central Bank to operate as a payment institution—and his plans to tackle the challenges and opportunities ahead.

In an interview, Marlyson Silva shares his future vision and the company's next steps following the Central Bank's authorization to operate as a payment institution

Initial Involvement in Cryptocurrency and Work at Bit.One

When we started the project of the first payment gateway to accept crypto in Brazil, there were few players in the market and only a few known exchanges in the country. Bit.One managed to stand out in this environment, even winning the Inovabra in 2016, an innovation program from Bradesco bank, for our solution that allowed buying and selling bitcoin in multiple countries.

This is how we began to study and identify places that would offer more opportunities and security for the growth of a business with a unique differentiator: it used blockchain and bitcoin.

It was an uplifting experience where I learned more about the payment market, came into contact with disruptive technology by definition, which allowed for cost reduction in some operations, and opened new possibilities. As a developer, it was great to see something so different and transparent, and to participate in an active community willing to exchange ideas. Ultimately, the goal was the same: “to spread Nakamoto’s words.”

We collaborated with a company that developed POS systems and added bitcoin as one of the payment methods. It’s always gratifying to see our products being used, especially in the tech space.

Leadership and Adding Value to Transfero

We’ve participated in critical projects and over the years, we’ve maintained a fast pace while keeping an eye on the future. We innovate without forgetting to create processes, understanding that the next step requires being organized.

Now that we’re beginning this journey as a payment institution, we increasingly need control and monitoring. Given my process-oriented profile, penchant for aligned communication, and knowing who needs to take the next step—with a Cartesian and somewhat controlling personality—these are part of the skills necessary for success in this phase.

Role of Drex and Relationship with BRZ

We look favorably upon the possibilities that Drex will bring to the market. With our technical team already being strong, we believe the market will see Brazil as a pioneer and perhaps the most innovative in the construction and execution of a CBDC.

BRZ will continue to be an important part of this ecosystem, allowing exchange and interaction with the world, whether through DeFi protocols or through direct action with Drex, the options are numerous. Simply put, we believe that with Drex, BRZ will be positioned to solve new challenges and become even more relevant in the market.

Product Focus for 2023

Transfero provides the infrastructure for creating solutions that connect the traditional market with the crypto market. We serve as a bridge. Our B2C solutions serve two strategic purposes:

  • A) To test our services to ensure maximum simplicity and best return for our clients.
  • B) To show the B2B market what could be built using our infrastructure, which provides access to a wide range of financial and/or crypto services through our stablecoins.

Thiago’s Contributions

To me, Thiago was a mentor. His market vision, demeanor, confidence, flexibility, and communication skills have brought us to this point. He kept us ahead of the market, and his efforts in creating crypto-rechargeable cards, crypto investment platforms, and international relations with major players stand out as significant contributions.

Next Steps after Central Bank Authorization

With the Central Bank’s authorization to operate as a payment institution, we will improve controls and monitoring, and bring more transparency to all phases and flows of our services. We aim to be even more relevant in the market and are preparing for an IPO in the coming years.

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