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The largest Brazilian stablecoin reached the milestone of 35 million tokens issued, which corresponds to R$ 35 million in BRZ in circulation in the cryptoassets market.

With this volume, BRZ becomes much larger than the other Brazilian stablecoins. CryptoBRL (cBRL), the second largest project, has about 40 thousand tokens in circulation. This proves a market consolidation and a dominance of BRZ in the face of other projects.

The main broker with BRZ circulation is FTX, with the amount of 13.5 million reais in exchange liquidity, in multiple cryptoassets pairs such as Bitcoin and USDT. BZR has as its main feature a strong presence in international platforms.

BRZ tokens issued show market growth

 “This large volume of BRZ also proves that the use of a stablecoin, besides being recommended in many cases, is quite practical for Brazilians. With BRZ, you can move balances between international platforms in seconds through blockchain technology, as well as being one of the most sophisticated hedge instruments for digital assets.”