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Transfero Swiss, owner of BRZ, and ZBX Digital Assets Exchange have enganged into a partnership that will allow Brazilians to create an account at ZBX and have access to the international banking and crypto system through BRZ. This includes trading Brazil’s largest crypto currency with several crypto pairs, such as ETH/BRZ, BTC/BRZ, USDT/BRZ and QC/ BRZ. Thus, Brazilian clients can access ZBX to keep assets denominated in their local currency (Brazilian real), via BRZ, and avoid the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, the partnership will allow users who own BRZ to have access to a specific marketplace for trading by the leading Brazilian stablecoin and the possibility of converting it to euro. For instance, it will be possible for Brazilians to open an account at ZBX and add to it an account at a Swiss bank. Therefore, investors have at their disposal 23 different currencies, besides the functionalities of converting the national currencies into crypto.

ZBX is based in Malta, a country that is part of the EEA – European Economic Area. This gives the company access to the economic agreements closed in this sphere, allowing greater integration between the markets of Europe and Brazil. Malta is also a favorable jurisdiction for the IGaming, online gambling and betting market, one of ZBX’s areas of interest.

BRZ is the most negotiated stablecoin

BRZ was the most traded Brazilian stablecoin in August this year. The volume of transactions reached US$ 187.2 million that month. The total is well above the second place, which amounted to US$ 71 million. The stablecoin of Transfero Swiss is also the most traded in the country in the accumulated of the year.