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The crypto asset market in Brazil has already become a crucial segment of the national economy. The Bill to regulate the sector, sanctioned in December represents a huge step forward for the development of the market, making it safer and more practical for investors to decide to migrate to crypto, and positioning Brazil at the forefront in terms of crypto regulation in South America.

Following this big step that regulation represents, Transfero, an international financial solutions company based on blockchain technology, has in its services Transfero Prime, a unique business unit for those already part of its clients.

Transfero Prime offers to the market the service of buying, selling, and custody of crypto assets, as well as a customized strategy according to the profile of each investor. The brand also has a specific team to assist all clients, especially those who need more security in breaking new ground in the crypto market.

With a varied portfolio of clients, Transfero Prime assists investors who know the financial market and those who don’t and prefer to invest in assets with little or no risk.

Showing its success in the market, Transfero has more than 600 investors spread throughout the national territory, working with more than 17 thousand digital assets and customized strategies for each investor profile.

“We intend to help Brazilian investors to enter the crypto asset market. We realize that people have been looking for safer and, at the same time, more personalized, transparent, agile, and liquid solutions. It is a latent demand, especially from the high-income public, who often do not know much about the financial market,” says Thiago Cesar, CEO of Transfero. According to him, there are still few people with financial education, specifically in this market.

“One of our great missions must be to transmit information and knowledge about this market and thus gain the investor’s trust”.

By covering several investor profiles, Transfero plans to gain the trust of new investors and arouse their interest in investing in this market. With the company’s support, the clients have specialists who understand the financial market and can guide them. Transfero Prime meets the profile of the High NetWorth investor, with a minimum investment of R$100,000.