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Used to publish the most important projects of blockchain, Github becomes the most used platform to share open source projects. At this platform you can find the source code of some of the most important cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, ethereum and dash. In addition, the platform also serves to unite experts in a certain technology, creating communities for the development of specific projects.

A description of how Github works may give the impression of a world restricted to developers. However, business analysts can benefiting from information contained in the projects without knowing how to write a line of code. The analysis of strategic information contained in the projects helps experts to find promissory projects. Among the main characteristics used to evaluate, we can highlight the frequency and type of participation of those involved in the project, the number of forks performed and the number of mentions that project.

Regarding technical aspects, some other topics may further enrich the analysis. The programming language used, project documentation and quality of changes proposed in the code, also works as important features. Some blockchain projects even have the collaboration of renowned researchers looking for improvements to technology. Therefore, recently Professor Thaddeus Dryja proposed a change in the bitcoin blockchain that could make it lighter.

The importance of analyzing blockchain projects to business world

With countless blockchain projects springing up in various business areas, evaluating which ones are promising is a complex task. For this reason, many analysts have followed a methodology covered by Deloitte in a research published in 2017. The article entitled Evolution of blockchain technology, Insights from the GitHub platform discusses the approach of the company’s data scientists. The article details technical components of business analysis aimed at the crypto market and have a great value to your next investment.