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With the recent fall in the bitcoin value, many analyses was published trying to explain the market behavior. Most of the analysis highlights that’s a good moment to buy bitcoins. However, this should be a long-term investment, because is not possible to predict the end of the bear market. Although the many agrees that has a bull market for long-term investment, in the short-term we have a imprevisible scenery.

In a article published at Seeking Alpha, the analyst Hans Hauge see bitcoin’s recent volatility as a natural movement. However, this movement has scarred many investors that are pessimists with this cryptocurrency’s future. In the other hand, the functional value of bitcoin still the same, there is just a change in the investor’s feeling. Because of this, Hauge highlights that the best moment to buy is when the functional value seem to be good and the investor’s feelings are the worst.

In a deeper analysis, another analyst, Victor Dergunov, exploit the motivations that conducted to the down of the bitcoin. To him, the clash during the fork of bitcoin cash brought fear to the investors and they left the market. However, Dergunov also believes that the investor’s mistrust scenery is the best moment to buy. To long-term still being a good buy option, even having some threats to be transposed. Among them, Dergunov highlights the risk of detrimental regulations, scalability problems and the big variety of cryptocurrencies that has being introduced in the market.

Analysis of the future of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

In general, the analysis points to a increase in the bitcoin value in long-term. Hauge and Dergunov was both analysed that exist the possibility to bitcoin back to the bull market or lose completely your value. However, the recent facts points to the first happens. The future will tell us if those analysis are correct, but now is the moment to invest. Those who do the right investment will have much more reasons to celebrate when this future finally comes.