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The richest people in the world are also interested in entering the world of the cryptocurrencies. However, usually these people don’t buy bitcoins as ordinary investors. A report recently published by Forbes reveals how the richest buy bitcoins. An important tip: they don’t use exchanges.

A company located in Mayfair, West London is the starting point of these people. The service offered by it, relatively new, is becoming popular among the richest people who want to buy bitcoins.

The Dadiani Syndicate calls itself as a “platform to maximize your digital investments”. The company connects large buyers to sellers in a similar manner to what it is done in the art market.

The company was created by the art curator Eleesa Dadiani. She started using bitcoin and other crypto a few years ago, in response to the investors’ demand. Last year, the Dadiani Fine Art, in partnership with the blockchain platform Maecenas Fine Art, made highlights and came to prominence by putting 49% of the artwork of Andy Warhol “14 Small Electric Chairs”, on sale for bitcoins and other crypto via blockchain of the Ethereum.

“When I founded the institution, it was a way for people to release their cryptocurrencies  assets, but we found out there were people who wanted us to help them to buy huge amounts of bitcoin”, tells the founder.

How the super rich buy bitcoins?

Thus, the Dadiani Syndicate is a “peer-to-peer network”, where users negotiate among themselves. Recently, one of the customers said he was interested in buying 25% of all the bitcoin available. On the occasion, the amount was equivalent to US$ 38 billion. She said at the time that it would not be possible to purchase such quantity, because the price would rise in such a way that it would not be feasible for any investor, even to a  billionaire.

So, one of the challenges is how to buy large amounts without affecting the market. For such reason, she has put together a consortium of vendors with large amounts of bitcoin or who want to buy these amounts. And there are no customers without bank accounts at institutions with the highest reputation.  She states that she´d already made four major trades so far at around millions of dollars.