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The bitcoin price renewed its all-time high on Wednesday (20). After facing an appreciation wave of almost 21% over the past seven days, the cryptoasset has surpassed the resistance of US$ 66,000 for the first time in the market.

The bitcoin appreciation wave is being maintained practically since the beginning of October 2021. Just after closing the month of September with a 7% cumulative devaluation, the cryptoasset reversed the downtrend that culminated in a new record price today.

Boosted by the approval of the first ETF with cryptoasset exposure in the United States, the bitcoin share price has accumulated an appreciation of almost 6% in the past 24 hours. Now, BTC is getting close to US$ 67,000, which could be a new resistance level for the digital currency.

Before that, bitcoin recorded its best daily close of the week ever. According to InfoMoney’s survey, on Tuesday (19), the cryptoasset ended the day being quoted at US$ 64,490 in the market.

Bitcoin hits new all-time high

With the impressive daily appreciation of bitcoin at 6%, by the end of the morning of Wednesday (20), the digital currency recorded a new all-time high of US$ 66,214.16, according to data from CoinMarketCap. 

The last record price hit by bitcoin was in April 2021, before cryptoassets exceeded US$ 66,000 today. Until then, BTC’s highest in the market was US$ 64,900.

 In the last 24 hours, nearly US$ 40 billion has been traded in bitcoin, with cryptoassets accumulating a valuation of more than 20% in the week. Valued at US$ 1.2 trillion, BTC’s dominance in the market stands at 47.4%.

BTC Price in Brazil

In addition to beating a price record through the BTC/USD trading pair, bitcoin is approaching to record a new all-time high in the Brazilian cryptoasset market.

Until then, the record price of bitcoin in reais is approximately R$ 370.000,00 and was reached in April 2021. At that time, the US dollar was quoted at R$ 5.69 on the exchange market.

BTC quote chart in Reais (CoinMarketCap)

On the other hand, the dollar is currently traded at R$ 5.57, which influences the final price of the cryptoasset in reais.

With the digital currency being priced at US$ 66,000 in the international market and the dollar below the quotation it had in the last record, the bitcoin price in reais corresponds to R$ 367.000,00 on Wednesday (20), with only about R$ 3.000,00 lacking for a new all-time high.