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A company specialized in crypto-based services, named Fold, has created a service that allows you to buy pizzas and pay with bitcoin. The service can be accessed through a portal that allows you to purchase pizza at the Domino’s American chain. So, the portal users make fiat currency payments to Fold which that converts it to bitcoins.

The company shows optimism about service acceptance and already plans an expansion of the partnership to other companies. Fold announces at the portal future partnerships with networks like Starbucks, Uber, Whole Foods and Target. However, Will Reeves, a product leader of Fold, acknowledges that the technology still needs improvements. To use the service the customer must download and use a wallet. So many users have had transactions canceled due to errors in the use of this tool.

The growth of Lighting Network

To optimize transaction processing Fold uses the Lighting Network of bitcoin, also serving to spread this technology. According to Reeves, the service caused a significant increase in the use of the Lighting Network. Therefore, during its first week of use, the average transaction value grew more than five times.

Recently, Blockstream implemented a satellite his service for encrypted messaging using the Lighting Network to pay for the use. The success of usage in these services has relevant importance for other companies to adopt the Lighting Network. Anyway, bitcoin’s Lighting Network users already have his pizza guaranteed.

The Toshi Times news portal has reported on the launch of Fold’s pizza payment service on Feb. 15.