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Bitcoin’s annual minimum recorded strong growth in Reais in 2020. According to data compiled by PanoramaCrypto, the minimum of bitcoin price in 2020 was R$ 24.645. The figure exceeds by 97% the minimum of 2019, 12.507. As a whole, the indicator grows again after remaining at the same levels between 2018 and 2019.

Bitcoin’s annual minimum are the lowest price reached by the leading cryptocurrency each year. This indicator is considered vital because it is a strong representation of the resistances of each year. That is the level that is hardly broken even in times of market crisis.

A historical view of the annual minimum also reveals the considerable price gains of bitcoin since the beginning of its history and a possible increase in the number of holders. In other words, people who don’t get rid of cryptocurrency waiting for it to be mainstream one day or have a strong appreciation.

Bitcoin’s annual minimums in reais in other years

In 2019, bitcoin’s annual minimum was almost equal to the previous year’s, with a drop of 0.33%. However, considering historical quotes in Reais, BTC has accumulated an average growth of 107.33% per year since 2013. Besides, 2015 and 2019 were the only years where the all-time minimum was below the previous year’s. In the two years following 2015, for example, bitcoin minimum rose 243.94% and 60%, respectively.

 Check bitcoin’s all-time minimum in Real, according to CoinGeko data.

Year Minimum Variation
2020 R$24.645 97,05%
2019 R$12.507 -0,74%
2018 R$12.599,53 402,43%
2017 R$2.508 74,27%
2016 R$1.439 218,27%
2015 R$452,11 -43,43%
2014 R$799,18 434,00%
2013 R$149,66 #DIV/0!

Chart with annual bitcoin’s minimum in Reais