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One of the largest crypto mining hardware producers will start 2019 restructured for growth . Bitmain, the maker of ASIC mining hardware, posted an important statement on its official blog in March. In it, the company presents a position aimed at customers in 2019 seeking to innovate in their products.

Strategic positioning following the market

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in China, Bitmain faced difficulties in 2018 with the strong bear market of cryptocurrencies. However, the company claims that this period has helped to form a stronger position in the market. Therefore, its technological focus will be on both cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence. As for business, Haichao Wang took over as CEO with a mission to focus on products and services on customers.

Despite the difficulties faced in 2018 the company continues to carry out the financing of open source projects. In the cryptocurrency market that has been a widely adopted strategy for applications to be produced the whole community benefits. Thus, the company can count on a wide range of research and development projects without having the costs that this area normally demands.

Cryptocurrencies mining as a business

Currently, several companies have businesses focused on crypto mining. Therefore, this is no longer a business for amateur groups and increasingly becomes a solid and regulated activity. Bitmain has been facing the competition of big companies that have tried to position themselves in the market. The crypto market already shows itself consolidated as a solid for several types of investments.