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In 2021, the BRZ (Brazilian Digital Token) accumulated R$ 5.7 billion in trading – a record annual volume, as reported by Valor. The BRZ, the main stablecoin pegged to the Real, is issued by Transfero, an international company of financial solutions based on Blockchain technology with headquarters in Crypto Valley, Switzerland, and present in Brazil and eight other countries.

Since BRZ’s launch in 2019, the accumulated trading value is R$ 7.4 billion, with more than 446 thousand transactions performed.
The figures were released in the IRS balance sheet with the purchase and sale transactions of the main cryptoassets in the market – that is, it does not include international platforms, which indicates that the figures are even higher once the stablecoin is listed on more than 20 global exchanges. “We created the BRZ to democratize the access of Brazilians to the global cryptoasset market. The data show its exponential growth. Today, the BRZ is following the path for which it was designed: expanding the trading alternatives for Brazilian investors and connecting the local market with global exchanges, ” explains Safiri Felix, Transfero director of products and partnerships.

Today, the BRZ is traded on national and international platforms and is integrated to Ethereum, Solana, Stellar, Algorand, Binance Smart Chain, RSK Network blockchains, FTX, and BitPreço platforms.

Leader in Brazil

Late last year, BRZ announced the purchase of the stablecoin pegged to Real CryptoBRL (CBRL). The deal was aimed at strengthening BRZ, consolidating the stablecoin market in Brazil, and following the purpose of enabling greater access for Brazilians to the global cryptoasset market.

“This move to consolidate the Brazilian market, coupled with the large organic growth of the user base, strengthened the BRZ as the main stablecoin pegged to the Brazilian Real and as a fundamental instrument for integration in the global cryptoasset market”, concludes Safiri Felix.