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Bitcoin (BTC) was created between 2008 and 2009 by a programmer named Satoshi Nakamoto, becoming the biggest mystery in the crypto market. Since the creation of the cryptoasset, no one knows the identity of the real “bitcoin’s father”.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s whereabouts have been entirely unknown since 2010 when the creator of the most famous digital currency on the market stopped posting messages on internet forums.

Possibly the crypto market’s most prominent mystery will soon be solved, with the suspicion that Sergey Nazarov is the real Satoshi Nakamoto. The creator of ChainLink (LINK) has registered some domains on the Internet that have raised curiosity in some discussion groups.

After all, how could someone have registered a domain name “” six days before the bitcoin white paper was officially launched on the market?

Another fact that raises suspicions regarding Sergey Nazarov’s identity concerns a conference that the cryptography expert attended. He said that he had been involved with blockchain technology for ten years, which would put him in the market since the creation of bitcoin.

But after saying that, the Chainlink creator tried to correct the speech in a video published in October 2020.

The third aspect that points to Sergey Nazarov is a story he published on the Internet.

With a character named Kokichi Mikimoto, he tells the story of a pearl creator who managed to develop a product superior to that offered on the market.

For many, the story resembles Satoshi Nakamoto and the creation of bitcoin