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The cryptocurrencies will turn any person into an investor, just as the internet turned everyone into a publisher. Balaji s. Srinivasan said that, angel investor and co-founder of the companies Earn, Counsyl, Teleport and Coin Center.

He was commenting on a chart posted on Twitter that featured the evolution of risk assets class posted by Silicon Valley Bank. For him, the digital assets may have a relevant role in the venture capital.

What’s next? Crypto may turn everyone into an investor just like the internet turned everyone into publishers.

All this capital comes off the sidelines & flows like water. With the right pitch, raise a round in realtime. Influencers like entrepreneurs, followers like investors.

— Balaji S. Srinivasan (@balajis) August 6, 2019

Transfero Swiss AG has already recognized this trend and offers to investors professional management strategies for crypto assets, based on different strategies. In addition, it has recently launched the BRZ, the main cryptocurrency pegged to the Real, gaining even bigger prominence in this market.

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In this scenario of internet/cryptocurrencies, the company also has a distinguished and pioneer positioning. Besides being an asset manager, it is also a publisher, through the PanoramaCrypto. As a result, it seeks to offer qualified information for an audience that increasingly recognizes that digital assets are a present reality. And that the opportunity cost of staying out of this reality increases day by day.

Transfero has different investment approaches

Transfero Swiss is a company focused on administration and management of investment in digital assets – considered the newest class for asset diversification. Today we have three main strategies that vary the approach and the risk profile of the portfolio. Our consultants can help you in allocating the option that best fits your style. Schedule a meeting.