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The adherence to the cryptocurrencies market has been increasing, according to Bitpreço CEO Ney Pimenta. According to him, the sector is maturing, as users can see in cryptoassets interesting solutions to solve some specific issues. In the entrepreneur’s view, an example of this is what happens when one realizes how much more interesting it is to make a loan without taking high bank fees.

 “There is a lot of innovation in this market, DeFi is revolutionary and brings solutions to various issues. Therefore, it is a fertile field of ideas that attracts more users, ” he said. Check out more details of Pimenta’s exclusive interview with Panorama Crypto.

 In your opinion, are people more interested in the crypto market?

I believe so, either because of the news that draws their attention and makes people want to learn more about the industry or because of the DeFi solutions becoming increasingly popular. Decentralized finance is a great revolution, really sparking interest. I see that the industry is maturing and evolving, with more and more people joining.

Is the absence of specific regulation a barrier?

I believe that interest will continue to grow, and this is a path of no return. So yes, governments will have to create rules for the sector. I hope that in Brazil, there are no barriers.

The adoption of digital currencies issued by Central banks (CBDCs), for example, should be a gateway for more people to start using crypto-assets. With them, the tendency is that people will have more security with this market. In addition, we expect regulation to move forward.

With greater ease of access, the popularization of the market is one of Bitpreço’s greatest aims.

How can this popularization happen?

Today, Bitpreço gets better prices for its clients because it trades large volumes. For this reason, we only trade significant currencies, such as bitcoin and ether, among others. But we intend to introduce other cryptocurrencies to offer users. Besides having better offers than on the exchanges, another popularization factor is the possibility for the user to invest any amount, which ends up attracting more people to the sector.

In addition, we want to list some tokens and stablecoins as we believe they are necessary to maintain the DeFi ecosystem.


How are Bitpreço and its differentials working?

We are not a conventional exchange. The purpose of our business is for the person interested in investing in the crypto market to find, in one place, the best offers. We are a marketplace with several options for the user to choose the most advantageous one at that moment.

In some situations, the prices are even lower than on the exchange itself because we negotiate high volumes and get this discount. In addition, it is a way to simplify the transaction. Today, for example, those who want to buy bitcoin search for values in several exchanges. When they find the best opportunity, they need to register and transfer the money. Meanwhile, the previously chosen bitcoin may have already been sold.

When you have an account at Bitpreço, this does not happen because you can see the quotes of all the currencies we work within real-time. When locating the best opportunity, all you have to do is complete the transaction. The withdrawal also works in the same simple way.

 How was Bitpreço created?

In 2018, after some experiences as an angel investor, I decided to become an entrepreneur and create an exchange. However, shortly before the launch, my partner and I realized that there were more than 50 exchanges on the market. So we took a step back and decided to review the business. We realized that there was no sense in being one more competing with the others.

The choice of the marketplace model was very well accepted in the market. We were the first in Brazil and probably in Latin America with this format. Bitpreço had a good impact, especially for facilitating the search for the lowest price and solving smaller exchanges’ problems. The result was a higher-than-expected growth. In volume, today, we are already the second-largest Brazilian platform