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The financial market has surrendered to cryptoasset funds. Since 2017, cryptoasset funds regulated by the CVM have been traded on the market and showed impressive growth in 2021.

In just one year, cryptoasset funds have grown almost 1.200% in Brazil. Regulated by the Securities Commission (CVM), by 2021, these funds accumulated about R$ 2.7 billion in assets under custody.

Before that, in 2020, the funds with cryptoassets represented ‘only’ R$ 230.7 million. According to a survey of Valor Investe, until last year, there were 14.300 shareholders in the market.

In other words, in less than twelve months, the number of investors in cryptoasset funds jumped from less than 15.000 to almost 185.000 users. In addition to the number of users, the amount invested in this type of fund reached R$ 2.667 billion in 2021

Funds with cryptoassets grow in the market

Crypto funds have grown significantly in the financial market. Until 2020, there were only nine funds regulated in Brazil by CVM.

In addition to the trading volume increasing by 1.156%, funds’ exposure with cryptocurrencies has increased by over 100% in the last twelve months. By 2021, the number of funds with cryptoassets has risen to 19 funds in the market.

Retail investors represent 21.4%

Although the volume in custody of cryptosset funds grew by almost 1,200% in one year, retail investors account for 21.4% of the volume.

Retail represents total assets of approximately R$567 million in cryptoassets through regulated instruments.

On the other hand, qualified investors account for most of the value under the management of the 19 cryptoasset funds in Brazil.

To be considered a qualified investor, it is necessary to have more than R$ 1 million in financial assets. This group has almost R$1.7 billion invested in cryptoassets.

Conversely, the so-called professional investors have R$ 430.9 million under custody.

Regulated since 2017 by the CVM, cryptoasset funds have grown exponentially, leading to the development of this new asset class.