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Offered exclusively for Transfero Prime customers, the “DeFi Revolution” event was hosted by Transfero Prime on November 10. Credix LP Token was presented by Credix’s CGO, Chaim Finizola, who detailed how the tokenization of real assets in the decentralized finance environment can create a unique investment opportunity.

The idea is to allow Transfero Prime clients to invest passively in financing credit fintechs in Latin America.

Fintechs such as a55 and Tecredi are some examples of businesses that have received funding through DeFi and the platform developed by Credix.

Carlos Russo, CFO of Transfero, also spoke about the regulation of crypto assets and the regulatory framework under discussion, citing cases of stablecoins use and growth of the crypto economy and DeFi.

In addition, he recalled the entry of institutional investors, which is increasingly common in the crypto market, mentioning Santander, Nubank, and Credix as examples.

Russo also explained to investors that FTX’s insolvency crisis does not impact BRZ or Transfero, as the stablecoin is also available on other exchanges, such as Phemex, eNor and Bitget, and Transfero maintains its custody of digital assets with Fireblocks, the world’s largest and most respected crypto asset custodian.

It is worth clarifying that although BRZ’s parity to the real fluctuated momentarily, this reflected the fears of many users, who resorted to other exchanges where the stablecoin is listed and issued sell orders under R$1. But Transfero CEO Thiago Cesar informed the market that the situation has now been normalized.

In addition to the Credix LP Token, Transfero Prime offers a customized asset management service, providing support to clients who wish to enter the crypto market safely through several strategies, such as DCA.

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