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For investors, the fall in the bitcoin price was seen more as an opportunity than a warning sign. According to a report by Valor Investe, the Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index ETF (HASH11), a fund based on a basket of crypto-assets, which started trading in April, is already in second place as the best variable income investment, second only to B3 shares.

According to the publication, from the beginning of the year until now (July), there has been a change in the investors’ behavior. Those who previously invested in large retailers, such as Magazine Luiza, Renner, and Lojas Americanas, are now investing in commodities and the crypto market. HASH11 already has almost 120.000 investors and approximately R$ 1.5 billion in net equity.

 BITH11: new ETF with 100% exposure to bitcoin

To attend to the demands of this new universe of investors, Hashdex announced on July 13 the launch of a new ETF, the Hashdex Nasdaq Bitcoin Reference Price Index Fund (BITH11), with 100% exposure to bitcoin.

The product, which may start being traded on B3 in the first half of August, has until July 30 as a buffer time on the platforms of the offer coordinators (XP, Itaú BBA, and Banco Genial). It proposes to mirror an index that, in turn, seeks to neutralize the carbon emissions derived from mining.

 “We understand that bitcoin can contribute a lot to encouraging the use of clean energy around the world. We want to anticipate this movement”, Roberta Antunes, Hashdex’s chief of growth, told Valor. The idea is for the new ETF to reduce its carbon footprint by investing in environmental preservation projects.