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The world’s interest in bitcoin halving grew again in the first quarter of 2019 and reached its peak in February 2020, according to the Google Trends tool, which measures searching for terms on Google.

The increased interest reaches its peak with the closeness of the event that will cut in half the reward of miners in the bitcoin network, scheduled for the beginning of May, but may also indicate a greater demand for wealth protection given the measures taken by banks to stimulate national economies after the pandemic of new coronavirus (Covid-19). That’s the theme of our fifth special story on bitcoin halving.

This year, searches for the term peaked in the week between February 9 and 15, nearly three months before the event. The peak search for the subject on Google occurred in July 2016, when bitcoin’s second halving occurred.

The numbers represent the search interest for bitcoin halving relative to the highest point on the chart of a given region in a given period. A value of 100 represents the peak popularity of a term. A value of 50 means that the term has had half the popularity. A zero score means that there was not enough data about the term.

The increase in demand is directly related to the bitcoin price appreciation trigger that halving can cause. In the previous two times, the cryptocurrency rose before and up to 18 months after the events.

Halving of the most popular bitcoin in the Netherlands

Considering only the 90 days prior to the closure of this report, the demand for the term was higher, in order of popularity, in the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore and Slovenia.

The performance in these countries may be the beginning of a movement to protect assets, distrust in the measures taken by central banks and their ability to solve economic problems, says the CEO of Transfero Swiss, Thiago Cesar.

As for the Americas, we are still well behind in terms of interest to the rest of the world. Brazil occupies only the 50th position in terms of popularity by the search for the term. And the United States, ranked 22nd

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