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With bitcoin having reached a market capitalization record, the interest in bitcoin has also hit a record high at Google. According to the Google Trends tool, searches for the term bitcoin have reached their all-time high in the last 12 months, in the weeks of November 15-21 and November 22-28.

The leading cryptocurrency has already exceeded the level of US$ 19 thousand – and also, in reais, advanced beyond R$ 100 thousand – and the market eagerly awaits the level of US$ 20 thousand. At such level, it may be possible to have greater clarity on whether the advance will continue or if there is an adjustment on the way. 

On Twitter, influencer Carl Eric-Martin thinks it is still time to buy. Jokingly, he said none of his eight uncles and aunts told him to buy bitcoin. So there is still room for growth.

According to CoinTelegraph, the rise above the US$ 19 thousand levels occurred faster than expected. Especially after the price of the Bitcoin plummeted to US$18 thousand on November 23. This drop was almost in conjunction with the 30% of XRP at Coinbase after altcoin reached US$ 0.92.

With such a interest in bitcoin, where does it go to?

Any estimate in times of market euphoria can be dangerous. According to Matt Blom, head of global sales at EQUOS, there are grounds to reach US$ 29,100. For him, it is unlikely that bitcoin, having come so close, will not surpass the all-time historical record.