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In addition to the great valuation of the top crypto assets in 2021, the jobs supply in the area has followed the positive momentum with considerable growth last year.

According to data recently presented by LinkedIn, in 2021, the supply of jobs in the cryptoasset sector increased by 395% in the United States. Meanwhile, the technology field saw a 98% growth in the same period.

The job openings are related to blockchain, cryptoassets, and bitcoin. However, according to LinkedIn’s report on the growth, most of the openings are for software development and finance.

However, the platform pointed out that the growth of the crypto market is echoing in the supply of jobs in other sectors, which feature industry-related activities such as accounting and human resources.

Exchanges como a Coinbase também colaboram para o crescimento de oportunidades de trabalho no país e a tendência é que essa oferta continue em expansão em 2022. Somente na Coinbase, por exemplo, existem mais de 250 vagas de emprego em aberto.

“While the majority of job openings have been in software and finance, other sectors are also seeing an increase in demand for cryptocurrency talents”.

While seeing a nearly 400% increase in job openings in the industry, the United States has become a crypto hub by 2021, attracting large mining farms.

Currently, the country is considered the largest bitcoin miner in the world. With the attraction of large bitcoin mining farms, the supply of jobs in the industry also increases.

Exchanges such as Coinbase are also contributing to the growth of job opportunities in the country, and the trend is that this supply will continue to expand in 2022. At Coinbase alone, for example, there are more than 250 job openings.