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A little girl called Joana, only five years old, was born with a mutation in the MEF2C gene, which causes several problems. She has autism, cerebral palsy and epilepsy, and even using various medications, she faces seizures that are difficult to control. In order to do a stem cell treatment in Europe, the family needs R$ 250.000,00. This is how the campaign called Jojo goes to Russia came about.

Joana is the daughter of Cointelegraph Brazil journalist Cássio Gusson, who created the campaign on Vakinha, accepting donations in cash or cryptocurrencies. In order to improve the contribution of resources, a group of Brazilian artists decided to join the cause and created a collection of NFTs with the name “Jojo goes to Russia”.

The works are available on the OpenSea platform and bids will be accepted until April 21.

NFTs as a tool for social causes

All the money raised from the auction of the artwork will go to Jojo’s cause. The action shows that NFTs, besides being exclusive works, can also be used as a tool to support social causes.

Uniting for the cause, the crypto community had already raised, by April 12, more than R$ 94.000,00. In addition, donations on the Vakinha website totaled more than R$55.000,00. The auction of the NFTs “Jojo goes to Russia” should help the family to get the R$ 250,000,00 needed for the treatment.

Get to know the collection Jojo goes to Russia:

  1. Dora Burnquist’s Arraial das Cores is an NFT acrylic art in living tones and forms related to the Brazilian culture.
  2.  Ascension I, by Shima, the work described by the artist as something related to healing. “An idea of space that meets our gaze, offering us the experience of flying / dreaming, in search of healing”, he highlights.
  3. HOMUNCULUS, by Lukazvd, defines the human essence. “Who is the true human? The aquarium in the form of a visible person or the fish that lives inside?” he asks.
  4. Just Emojis 1, by tonydemarco, shows that “the image is worth a thousand characters”. The artist says he is showing the “Missing Emojis”.
  5. Couroupita guianensis, by Monica Rizzolli, is a work that integrates the Tropical Garden series, exploring the Brazilian flora and geometry.
  6. MamaPixel, from Mix, is part of the pixerelated self-portraits collection of Mamapixel 1.
  7. EXPRESSION 9, by NinoArteiro, is a Neo-Expressionist work, which is part of the EXPRESSIONS series.