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The legal sector looks for technological innovations to solve old problems and blockchain technology can help. Therefore, the so-called legaltechs, startups that unite technology and legal processes, seeks to develop solutions focused on this sector. Not only large companies have shown interest in using technological innovations, but also public agencies. The applied technologies are many, including artificial intelligence, video conferences, and blockchain.

In Brazil, the market for legaltechs still small compared to the first world countries. However, according to an article published by a Brazilian News Portal, the sector should receive a fund of US$ 26 million in 2019. The resources should attract more professionals to act in the development of the necessary solutions. The legal sector that is known for its traditionalism is increasingly adopting technological solutions.

However, OriginalMy startup was able to introduce a document authentication service using blockchain technology. The strategy adopted by the company was to educate the market, says Edilson Osório Jr, founder of the company. Technology should help reduce bureaucracy in the industry by eliminating more repetitive tasks where decision making is not necessary.

Blockchain technology has been gaining the confidence of governments

Recently the city of Denver in the United States announced the use of blockchain technology in its electoral process. This is a global trend that demonstrates the reliability of governments in this technology. Therefore, it is natural that the legal sector has great adoption, making several processes simpler and safer.