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The exchange Mercado Bitcoin plans to sell football players tokens to the Brazilian market as of 2020, according to Valor Investe. Tokens will represent fractions of the rights of one or more players, which can generate dividends for their owners.

At first, rights will be sliced arising from Fifa’s solidarity mechanism. These rights are the percentage (between 0.25% and 5%) that clubs receive when a player who has already gone through all their youth teams is negotiated to another club.

For example, if Barcelona’s player, Philippe Coutinho – currently on loan to Bayern from Munich – would be sold for R$ 500 million, Vasco da Gama football club would be entitled to earn 2.5% of that value, equal to R$ 12.5 million. The tokens of football players that will be negotiated refer to this percentage. The idea is to sell a basket of tokens from players still under training, which can yield dividends in the future as they are traded. With this, according to the article, Mercado Bitcoin should attract a new audience of investors and they are betting on the familiarity with the sport for the tokens’ popularization.

Before football tokens, court-order debts

The tokenization movement developed by the exchange began last August, when the company issued its first token, fractionating a court-order debt of the State of São Paulo in the amount of R$ 1,6 million. Asset tokenization is a giant and promising market for years to come.