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While big platforms like Facebook are betting on creating digital universes known as metaverses, the “father of the PlayStation”, Ken Kutaragi does not believe in this technology.

According to the former Sony executive’s interview with Bloomberg, he sees no “point in doing so”, while criticizing the creation of virtual reality platforms. In addition, Kutaragi talked about a bad experience with VR and AR devices, the famous virtual reality glasses, and headsets.

The critique from the gaming expert, known for having created the famous PlayStation console, says that VR and AR devices “are annoying”. The former Sony executive also noted that these devices cause isolation from the “real world”.

“Headphones would isolate you from the real world, and I can’t agree with that. Headsets are simply annoying”.

Since the announcement of Facebook’s name change to Meta in 2021, the metaverse concept has been on the rise in the technology field. The social network is preparing its digital universe, and other companies are already starting to carve out space in metaverses.

However, for Ken Kutaragi metaverses like Facebook’s should not prosper. Comparing digital universes and avatars to anonymous message box sites, the gaming expert says people should prefer “the real self”.

“Would you rather be a polished avatar than your real self? That’s essentially no different than anonymous messaging sites”.

Although Sony has not confirmed investment in metaverses with integration to its consoles, other devices available on the market may soon introduce their digital universe.

Recently, Microsoft confirmed that it is working with metaverses. Considered a rival of Sony and responsible for developing the Xbox, Microsoft acquired Activision, to create digital universes that can integrate the company’s consoles.