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Brazilian soccer player Neymar Jr. has become the crypto market’s newest collector of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In a post on Twitter, the soccer star disclosed that he bought two digital arts of colorful monkeys.

At first glance, the player’s NFTs catch the eye for their colors and funny monkey design. However, those who think that the tokens purchased by the soccer star are not valuable are mistaken. In total, Neymar spent almost R$ 6 million to buy the two NFTs.

The tokens are part of the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection, which was created in allusion to a term widely used among cryptoasset investors on Twitter.

Before buying the two NFTs, Neymar Jr purchased ether (ETH) to make the payment for the works. In total, the star bought 474.33 ETHs and paid about 160 units of ether for the token BAYC #6633.

Considering the exchange rate at the time of purchase, the NFT BAYC #6633 cost almost R$ 2.7 million. However, NFT BAYC #5269 was more expensive and Neymar paid R$ 3.3 million for it.

With the purchase of almost 475 units of ethereum, Neymar was left with a balance of approximately 125 ETHs. With the devaluation that the crypto market suffers this Friday (21), the Brazilian player’s balance in ether is R$ 1.8 million.