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Procon-SP has stated through a post on Twitter that the user can regret a purchase of a non-fungible token (NFT). According to the agency, the consumer can return the item within seven days.

The Procon-SP confirmation draws attention due to these tokens’ considerable price variation in the crypto market. The measure would apply to Brazilian companies that trade NFTs.

The questioning arose through a user who asked on Twitter if he would have the right to regret the purchase of the item. Another user tagged the official profile of Procon-SP, which promptly answered the question.

Thus, NFTs can be returned within seven days, as with any item purchased over the Internet. In the post, the agency cites the legislation that guarantees this online purchase regret.

In other words, according to article 49 of the Consumer Defense Code, any user could return an NFT within a week, thanks to the power to repent guaranteed by law.

Procon-SP advises that the measure applies only to Brazilian companies in the post. Therefore, purchasing NFTs on international platforms does not follow the same legislation.

“Any purchase outside the commercial premises can apply Article 49 of the Consumer Defense Code  (CDC), but you need to verify that the purchase was made on a site with a representative in Brazil”.