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Even though Pablo Picasso died in 1973, his legacy to the history of modern art is enormous and continues to reveal works that have never been publicly displayed. Thousands of previously unseen works, from paintings to ceramics, belong to the private family collection of the painter born in Malaga, Spain.

The mystery surrounding the unpublished works of Pablo Picasso may end with the transformation of some of these items into non-fungible tokens. Relatives of the artist have decided to eternalize his work through blockchain technology.

In total, 1.010 pieces that belong to Picasso’s family will be represented in a rare collection of NFTs. Launched by the painter’s daughter and grandson, Marina and Florian Picasso, the objects represented in non-fungible tokens are part of the family’s history.

According to Florian Picasso’s interview with Bloomberg, the launch of the Spanish painter’s collection creates a link between non-fungible tokens and “the world of fine art”.

One of these NFTs will represent a ceramic piece produced by Pablo Picasso that has been part of the family’s collection since 1958. Never publicly displayed, the item is a salad bowl with yellow and green details.

Those responsible for releasing the rare NFT collection say that the tokens would be officially launched on January 28th. With more than a thousand units available in this first sales phase, the Pablo Picasso NFTs will be available on the Origin Protocol and Nifty Gateway platforms.