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Still today there are few physical or electronic trades that accept bitcoin or other crptocurrencies. The Zarpay wants to change this scenario. The company offers a crypto payments gateway that works directly on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop to allow traders to accept crptocurrencies.

The system has an interesting feature for those who argue that the volatility in cryptocurrencies prevents its use in day-to-day. Thus, the trader that uses the gateway chooses to receive in bitcoin or in Reais in the next working day. The consumer, on his turn, is informed about which cryptocurrency to use at the time of the purchase through a robot.

In addition to the payment in crypto at the point of sale, the system has modules for e-commerce, including recurring payment function, ideal for products or services subscription.

Crypto payments gateway reduces cost for merchants

The crypto payments gateway promises to reduce the cost to traders. The company will not charge for the use or sign up to the system, but only a tax on transactions. In traditional machines for example, traders give up to 4.5% on average of their revenues. In the case of Zarpay, the promise is of 1.7% rate on transactions.

Today the gateway has 30 clients, working in MVP scheme (launching phase). The company plans to go to market in September to raise funds from investors and forecast its growing route. “We are working on solutions so that the consumer is able to use crypto in his everyday life,” says Camila Ito, founder of the company.

Currently, six people are entirely dedicated to the company.  Camila was recently in Switzerland in the Crypto Valley Conference in search of information to open a business there.

“We thought we could open up there because it’s a country with enough credibility and totally crypto friendly. As we are going to seek for investment, this increases the valuation of the company”, says the executive.

Ultimately, the company wants to be part of the revolution of payments with cryptocurrencies. The plans are to achieve a significant market share in the current market. “We want to be part of this transition,” she says.