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The capital of Rio de Janeiro is increasingly the scene of events and initiatives focused on the crypto universe. The goal of Rio’s City Hall is to bring innovation to the city, which intends to become a technology hub. After Eth Rio, organized by the Ethereum community, now the town will host Rio Crypto Day on June 4.

The event, which Transfero sponsors, wants to promote knowledge about crypto assets. Thus, the content was planned educationally to enable the participants who are interested in taking the first steps in this market, which last year moved more than US$ 1.5 trillion.

Program and registration

There will be eight hours of immersion and networking. The team of experts will address issues such as the future of money, identifying patterns and best times to invest, debates on how to avoid fraud, fundamentals of decentralized finance, the future of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and other technologies such as blockchain.

There will be seven educational lectures and two-panel discussions (one of them exclusive with female experts). The complete Rio Crypto Day program can be checked on the event’s official page, which will be held in person at the Multiplan Theater at VillageMall, in Barra da Tijuca. There will only be 400 places and registrations can be made until 1pm on the day of the event – which starts at 2pm – or until tickets run out.

Rio wants to be a crypto city

Rio Crypto Day is one more of the Rio capital’s initiatives in this sector. According to the Secretary of Economic Development and Innovation of Rio de Janeiro, Chicão Bulhões, the city will invest in the crypto economy and even launch its own digital currency, CariocaCoin.

In an interview with PanoramaCrypto, the secretary spoke about the importance of Rio’s ecosystem of startups and companies in the crypto market and the city’s future initiatives to serve citizens in the metaverse.

Next year, Rio will also host for six years the Web Summit, an expansion to Latin America of Europe’s largest technology conference.