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Brazilian crypto market gains an incentive with the new office of Mainframe, a company specialized in develop decentralized applications (Dapps). Located in a coworking at the famous Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo City, the brazilian office search for new employees. The company seeks profiles to the positions of Front-End Engineer, Mobile Developer, Senior Software Engineer and Principal Software Engineer. The lead position requires at least two years of experience leading a team of engineers and another five years developing.

In the Mainframe website, CEO and Founder Mick Hagen, announced in a video the choose of São Paulo for the new office. Hagen appears in the video together with Cahlan Sharp, head of product, both speaking a clear portuguese. They praises the brazilian culture and invite crypto enthusiasts to send a résumé, even to positions not opened yet.

Professionals chosen need to be able to eventually travel to other offices of Mainframe at Salt Lake, United States and London, England. The travel is to integrate the international team and share knowledge to all Mainframe members. The company have the culture to promote meetups and events to developers communities and crypto enthusiasts.

The seek for professionals to join the crypto world

Crypto companies keep spreading their business through the economy. Therefore, many companies searches for skilled professionals to help build their business. Thus, competitive salaries and benefits is offered to attract the best professionals of the market. Recently, the crypto company Huobi hired a former head of compliance of State Street to the position of director of compliance. This migration of professionals to the crypto world may grow exponentially in the coming years.

The latin news portal Portal do Bitcoin reporting the new office of Mainframe in the last january 20.