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Lisbon, Portugal, has been chosen as the setting for Breakpoint, the first conference held by the Solana Foundation. The event will occur between November 7 and 10, in three distinct locations: LxFactory, a former textile factory that currently functions as the setting for creative events, the Estufa Fria, which is next to Parque Eduardo VII, and SUD Lisboa.

One of the conference sponsors is BRZ Token, a Brazilian stablecoin pegged to the real, which will be present in the Estufa Fria, the setting chosen by Solana to discuss innovations and solutions based on decentralized finance (DeFi), the future of NFTs, among others. “Our goal, by supporting this space, is to introduce BRZ in the solutions. We want to show the international audience that the BRZ is the perfect tool to access the domestic market and, at the same time, a way for Brazilians to have freedom and autonomy to access international platforms in a simple and decentralized manner”. said Transfero’s founder and CMO, Guilherme Murtinho. “The BRZ Token is the only cryptoasset today that gives international power to the Brazilian Real”, he stressed.

BRZ is an opportunity for international companies to access Latin America

Murtinho added that today, in addition to Brazil, the Transfero Group is already present in Argentina and Chile and will soon be throughout Latin America. “We want to massify the presence of BRZ in Brazil and worldwide”, he said.

This will be one of the themes addressed by the CEO of Transfero in his presentation during the conference. Besides him, the event will also feature names like the CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEOs and founders of Solana Labs, Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal, the co-founder of Circle, Jeremy Allaire, among others.

More than 100 panels and technical workshops are planned. The event will be face-to-face, and according to Solana, the chosen settings have open spaces to allow visitors’ safety regarding Covid-19. In addition, all have restaurants, bars, and historical and tourist sites nearby. The Solana ecosystem will be discussed on the program at the LxFactory, innovations in the Estufa Fria and development in SUD.