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The cryptocurrency of the Star Atlas game, ATLAS, has already risen more than 9,000% since its launch two weeks ago. The launch price of the token was established at US$ 0.00138 and on monday (13) the token closed traded at US$ 0.1274.

Unlike Axie Infinity, another play-to-earn game, and Binamon, developed on Ethereum’s blockchain, Star Atlas, which has the theme of space battles and runs on Solana’s blockchain. With fast and cheap transactions, the protocol is attracting attention from the gaming public.

Star Atlas is not solely battle-centric. Its concept is based on the metaverse, Descentraland style but with GTA-style missions.

Its universe is therefore an open world and players compete with each other on journeys. Gamers can both build entire cities and create microeconomies and even form autonomous decentralized organizations to govern specific regions.

Star Atlas has its own player-powered economy

Players can sell virtual in-game items that were received as a reward for playing. These items can be sold on any marketplace that supports the Solana blockchain. The idea is to encourage the monetization of time spent in the game, enabling an economic benefit from playing – in traditional games, players are generally compelled to spend money to get better items.

Thus, Star Atlas is designed to mimic how the blockchain works, through incentives such as expanding your empire using offensive and defensive tactical plans. Players can also use the ATLAS token to staking or provide liquidity, contributing to network security.

Within the game, gamers can simply pilot their ship in search of rewards, which can be staking, sold and mined.

Game has economy and governance tokens

The game has two tokens, ATLAS and POLIS. The first is native to the game and an engine of the metaverse economy. The second is the governance token, giving holders the right to vote on platform decisions.

Of the total ATLAS tokens issued, 80% will pay rewards to players. The others will go to the mining station and used in fundraising for the development of the platform. POLIS will be distributed in two stages: 20% during the first phase of the Galactic Asset Offering and the remainder as a reward for those who staking.

As of this writing, only the game’s marketplace is released. Therefore, it is not yet possible to know how much it is necessary to “invest” to play. However, it is already known that ships, licenses and fuel are needed.