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The efforts that the central banks are doing around the world to maintain the growth of the world economy may favor the bitcoin in the long term, as foreseen in the report  issued by Delphi Digital over the second quarter of this year.

Over the past few years, the growth in the developed countries has been hampered by demographic problems such as the ageing of the population and the reduction of the rate of population growth. In addition, high levels of indebtedness impact on productivity. That is to say, the growth prospects are increasingly pessimistic

Thus, these elements should result in even heavier stimuli of central banks. In other words, further reductions of interest rates, which already start from very low levels, besides other additional measures. A statement from the head of the U.S. Central Bank, Jerome Powell, gives a dimension of how these Governments’ stimulus will grow farther. “It is very important that this cycle of expansion continues as much as possible”, he stated.

Central Banks’ measures can promote the bitcoin

Such perspectives of stimuli have enabled the assets to reach record levels, especially in the United States – but in Brazil it has also happened. With very expensive markets, the investors are looking for other profitable alternatives to their resources. In addition, the yields of government bonds are also in free fall.

Therefore, all these elements can favor the bitcoin in the long-term, especially regarding the emergence of the digital gold.  There are few assets, such as the digital ones, which can pass off national governments. This should cause a greater increase on the demand for non-sovereign assets in the coming decades, depending on the effects of national monetary policies, says the report.

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