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The web portal Rota do Bitcoin maps establishments that accept bitcoin as a payment method throughout Brazil. The portal is an initiative of the Wrap Exchange company that develops payment solutions using cryptocurrencies. To be part of the map it is necessary to register on the website and ask to include the establishment on the map.

The tool allows the interested parties to filter the establishment by type. For example, accounting, fintechs, real estate, among others. Most of the businesses that accept cryptocurrencies are located in the Southeast, especially in São Paulo.

Most of the exhibited establishments are part of the IE tourism and exchange network. Another relevant group with several points on the map is the executive jet Flapper network. Other trade categories such as key chains, jewelry, and real estate also appear on the map.

The number of establishments that work with digital currencies is increasing in Brazil, although numerically they are few. As such, the portal innovates by facilitating the search of these points of sale. With initiatives such as the web portal Rota do Bitcoin, it will be possible to use less and less fiat money and increasingly bitcoin.