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Until the wine is served in our tables, there is a long way through. Since the harvest until the bottling procedure, there are several stages within the wine production. A blockchain-based platform and internet of things allows monitoring the wine chain production and other beverages by producers and customers. This is the proposal of Acatena, a company who attended the CryptoValley Conference in Zug, in the last week of June.

According to the company, the platform will prevent forgeries and product deviation, making it economically unfeasible. In addition, it gives access to a database of the end customers, enabling the establishment of a direct channel with them.

The system tracks by creating unique identifiers for the products. These identifiers are registered in a blockchain, which by its nature is an unchangeable and transparent system. Thus, any person in any step of the production chain can have access to all the historical information of the wine.

Tracking the wine production chain also by consumers

In addition, consumers have at their disposal an app, by which they are rewarded for interacting with the brands.  Licensed partners in the production chain of the beverages also have at their disposal an app to do all the tracking.

A project was launched as a pilot version to four drinks brands. The first platform for producers will be launched later in the third quarter. There are also expected new partnerships with associations of producers from the European Union during this period.

For the second quarter of next year, the company expects to launch a wine futures token. In the fourth quarter, it will be the turn of premium brands of distilled beverages.

“We imagine a world in which the consumer does not test only a glass of wine or gin, but all the product´s journey “, says the CEO Matteo Panzavolta.